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How Ariel was able to launch her own fitness app in her first year of business

Monica McCormick

6 min


Jun 26, 2024

Ariel Comeau, a dedicated health and wellness coach and the creative force behind the RMS app, dreamed of sharing high-quality health and wellness programs that resonate as closely as possible to one-on-one training with a personal coach. With over 12 years in the industry as a personal trainer, nutritionist, and mobility specialist, Ariel founded RMS to make wellness accessible for all. Her mission is to help others create vibrant, healthy lives through the principles of "Restore, Mobilize, Strengthen," embodying a commitment to sustainable transformation.

Ariel’s journey into wellness began with her lifelong love for movement and dance, leading her to study Applied Physiology and build a successful career at Equinox in New York City. Despite her success, she faced persistent health challenges that prompted her to seek a radically new path. Relocating from NYC to Bondi Beach, Sydney, she embraced a slower, more mindful lifestyle, which led to profound personal healing and inspired the creation of RMS.

Initially, Ariel struggled to build her vision with a developer who found it too complex. Discovering the Movement platform was a major turning point. "It was so easy! I was blown away by the customer service and how receptive the team was to feedback," Ariel shared. The ease of use, flexibility of the platform and support from Movement allowed her ideas to flow seamlessly, enabling RMS to deliver top-tier wellness programs.

“As a result of finding Movement a little over a year ago, I was able to go from completely hopeless and overwhelmed to creating this beautiful app that I am proud of. I get to share what I love to do with the world, and I get to help so many more people.”

Ariel’s story is a testament to resilience, innovation, and the right tools to realize a dream. RMS now helps others achieve their own vibrant health and wellness, guided by Ariel's expertise and the capabilities of the Movement platform.

What lead you to create an app?

I have been building a platform for years with the dream to share high quality health and wellness programs that feel as close to working one-on-one with a trainer as possible. I wanted to share my knowledge I've learned across my 12 years in the industry in a way that was accessible to many.

Why did you choose Movement to create your app?

I started using Movement a couple of years ago, and at the time I was honestly completely hopeless, completely overwhelmed. I was building a website alongside a coder. Finally, after years of him promising he could produce what I wanted on the backend, he finally gave up and said it was just too complex. I was so distraught. I came across Movement and was immediately intrigued, but wasn't sure if it had all of the capabilities of what I was looking for. I decided to give it a go and once I started building, it was so easy! I was also blown away at the customer service and how receptive the team was to feedback. They were either already working on or willing to consider any ideas I threw their way! 

What did you particularly like about using Movement?

The ease of use, customer service, and no coding required! It's such an awesome platform for anyone in the health and wellness space. 

I'm almost one year into launching my app and it has been an incredible ride. The team at Movement has been unbelievable the entire way through. Any time there was a concern, an issue, they were on it within seconds. They were responsive. They were with me.

Plus, there are new features being added constantly. I swear, every single week I get an email of a new thing that's launching…that they're doing a new initiative, and it's just fun to be a part of and to see what's going to roll out next. If you are looking to expand your online space, build a community, anything of that nature, Movement is an incredible place to do it. 

Would you recommend Movement to others?

Absolutely! And already have! It's great to be a part of something at the ground level and to watch it grow. It's also wonderful to feel supported and heard by the team.

The features, if you are a health and wellness platform, are unbelievable, but even if you are just trying to launch a course, if you're trying to launch an education app, it is phenomenal. There is so much–there are endless possibilities of what you can do.

"The platform gives you so much opportunity and you get to make it your own. Any creator’s dream!"

What impact has Movement had on your business?

Movement has allowed me to compete with much larger brands with a great deal of funding, even as a brand new business. It has allowed my dream of having my own app—something I assumed would be in phase 2 or 3 of my business—to happen from the very beginning! This has enabled me to look extremely professional and appeal to a wide audience in my first year as a business owner.

Ariel’s journey with the creation and launch of the RMS app is a testament to resilience, passion, and the right tools coming together. From the struggles and complexities of traditional app development to the ease and success with Movement, Ariel’s story is one of transformation and empowerment. Today, RMS stands as a beacon of accessible and effective wellness programs, touching lives and inspiring others to find their own vibrant paths.

Check out the RMS app or follow Ariel on Instagram.

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