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Western Australia Police partner with Fitter App to drive admission success and diversity in the police force

The partnership gives the police a platform to train recruits and the police force remotely

Monica McCormick

Dec 1, 2021

Melbourne, Victoria, December 1 2021— Western Australia Police have partnered with Fitter App, a Melbourne-based start-up that provides the police with a no-code app creation platform to deliver remote health and fitness training to recruits and officers across the state.

The partnership is the first of its kind for the WA Police Force, which acknowledged it needed to provide methods for current police officers to remain fit and provide a tool for potential applicants to be better physically prepared for the physical components of the application process.

After a successful partnership with Victoria Police, Fitter was engaged by the Western Australia Police to develop a fitness app that would help prepare applicants for admission into the WA Police Force. The FitForce app gives users free access to a suite of health and fitness tools and resources to assist with their preparations for undertaking the WA Police Physical Performance Evaluation (PPE) and support their journey to becoming a police recruit. Freely available on Google Play and the Apple App Store, training programs, exercise demonstrations, and even healthy meals are included to give applicants the best chance at success.

With fitness content specifically designed by the WA Police Force's Physical Trainers, The FitForce app offers multiple programs to accomodate varying applicant fitness levels. The programs deliver a specific set of exercises, designed and demonstrated for each individual fitness test component. The FitForce App will help applicants track progress, with a range of free supporting articles to keep recruits physically and mentally focused.

Through Fitter, the WA Police Force are also able to provide the latest recruitment information, event registration and an engaging physical training experience, in an effort to increase a potential applicant's fitness levels. With this platform, they also hope to continue to drive diversity, by offering a preparation program that can be accessed freely by anyone, anywhere–at any time. Built on top of the latest web technology, WA Police Force employees can easily update and edit app content without involving developers. Plus, updates are live instantly, saving critical time and money. Available as a web app and on the app stores, it is device agnostic–instantly available anywhere with a web browser.

Reflecting on the partnership, the WA Police Force Academy Team stated: "The FitForce app has gone beyond our expectations and has allowed us to provide a more holistic approach to health and wellness for existing and potential police officers".

Co-founder of the platform, Steve Scott hopes to see continued success and expansion of the app, not only with recruits, but wider through the WA Police Force in supporting members prepare for annual fitness exams, injury prevention and rehab, and return to work programs. "The scope and possibilities in supporting a police or defence force are massive, and we hope to be the go-to platform for emergency services preparation, retention and success.”

About Fitter App

Fitter App is a white-labeled app builder, designed to support the creation and delivery of health, fitness, wellness and educational content. Built for trainers, organisations and teams to train, engage and retain members through their own custom branded web app. Similar to a Squarespace or Wix, no coding or technical knowledge is required to create an app with Fitter. Fitter is built on leading web technology, enabling instant distribution to anyone, anywhere–on any device. Fitter App was founded in 2018 and headquartered in Melbourne, Australia.

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