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Fitter Reimagined & Rebranded as Movement

We have a new look, a new logo and a new name but that’s not all…

Monica McCormick

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May 15, 2023

Over the past few months, our team has been heavily reflecting on our company's journey and reimagining our future. Today, we are thrilled to unveil our brand new identity: Movement.

Our mission remains to empower anyone to create impactful online experiences, and we feel that our new brand better aligns and reflects our commitment to what is the core of that experience — your community.

We are excited to share this milestone with you and to continue supporting your passion, growth, and impact on the world.

Join us as we unveil the story behind Movement and explore how this evolution reflects our mission to help you create a lasting impact in the world.

First things first – why the Rebrand?

Since our inception, we've been dedicated to providing the best platform for creating impactful online experiences for your members and community. As we've grown and evolved, we realized it was time for our brand to do the same.

Why the name change?

There were two key drivers behind our name change:

Resolving Name Confusion

Our former name, Fitter App, caused issues due to its similarity with other platforms–most notably, a fitness app called GetFitterApp. This confusion has caused individuals to contact us about subscriptions unrelated to our service and drove a significant amount of irrelevant web traffic to our site. Additionally, as we expanded internationally, we learned that "Fitter" carries a negative connotation in some locations. In our pursuit of global inclusivity, we recognised a more pressing need for change.

Embracing Your Impact

Our new name, Movement, better reflects how you, our valued community members, use the platform to engage with your own communities. Movement is your statement, your flag in the sand—it's bold, motivating, inspiring, and embodies the spirit of health and wellness creators like you. It also signifies our dedication to supporting a future where your community is at the heart of what you do.

We chose Movement not only for the tie to health and wellness but its deeper meaning, signifying the unification of people around a common objective, shared vision, or cause that holds significance in a community. At the core of a movement, and this Movement, lies community.

What's new with Movement?

In addition to our new name, we've updated our logo, colors, and overall visual identity to better represent who we are today. We’ll also be releasing some major improvements from Fitter that are detailed below.

Our new website showcases our product offerings, an improved user experience, and a vibrant new look that captures the spirit of our brand.

A refreshed admin experience

This week we will be rolling out a new admin experience, it features an improved navigation structure, introduces some new features and re-thinks how you share your content to your audience.

We will be sharing a in-depth video once we roll this out for existing customers to get familiar with the new experience.

Importantly, we are not removing anything or eliminating features, but simply reorganising and laying the foundation for the exciting plans we have in the pipeline. 🔥

New pricing

The transition to Movement comes with new pricing options to address some common concerns with the previous plans–offering you the ability to scale beyond 1,000 members, enhanced features and greater savings. These changes have been carefully designed with your needs in mind, ensuring that both new and existing customers can fully benefit from our platform's growth and enhancements.

We are thrilled to announce that our pricing model adjustments will result in most of our current customers experiencing either a reduction or continuation of their existing costs. The familiar monthly tiers (Base & Pro) will remain unchanged in price. In a year when so many companies have introduced price increases, we were determined to maintain affordability and fairness in our pricing structure, and are delighted to have achieved that.

Additionally, our existing customers have the option to either upgrade to our new pricing structure or continue with their current plan and its associated features. With the initial transition to Movement, all customers—regardless of their plan—will have access to our latest features. However, as we progress through the year and introduce additional features, they will be exclusive to the new Movement plans.

Introducing Annual Pricing on All Plans

We're excited to introduce new annual pricing, which offers an immediate 20% savings on any plan. Later this week, you will be able to choose the Annual option at checkout and claim these savings.

Shifting to Active Members

We've also replaced the 'Free vs Paid Subscribers' from our previous plans with a single metric of 'Active Members.' This change eliminates confusion around what a Free or Paid Subscriber is, and now you'll only be charged for members who have actively engaged with your app in the last 30 days. Each paid plan includes a quota of 1,000 Active Members. Importantly, we have introduced the ability to increase your Active Member quota beyond 1,000–allowing us to better support you as you scale.

The other exciting additions and benefits of our new pricing are as follows:

Free plan

Still free! Our free plan is still here and it’s bigger and better than ever! We’ve received considerable feedback about how highly valued the free plan is–being able to experience the product and work on building an app before incurring any cost. So, we determined to keep it around.


  1. Have up to 100 active members on a free plan

  2. Includes the brand-new 'Feeds' feature – a new way to engage your community (more on this below)

Base plan

Still $49/month or $39 / month / paid annually


  1. Reduced cost available on an annual subscription (~20% savings)

  2. Reduction of the transaction fee from 5% to 2.5%

  3. Unlimited video & audio now supported (previously capped at 10 hours)

Pro plan

Still $99/month or $79 / month / paid annually


  1. Reduced cost available on an annual subscription (~20% savings)

  2. 9 new triggers and 5 new actions added to our Zapier integration

  3. NEW! Push campaigns, send push notifications to all your members

  4. Custom domains (coming soon)

A *new* Business plan

$299 / month or $239 / month / paid annually

Our brand new business plan will introduce the following:

  1. API Access

  2. Reporting

  3. App Store Listings (if paid annually)

  4. Priority Support

View the full pricing plans and feature set here.

New feature: Feeds

With Movement, we are expanding our focus to enhance your community engagement capabilities. We’re thrilled to announce a new feature called “Feeds”!

As the name implies, this feature enables you to add a Feed block to any page in your app, turning it into a vibrant hub for content and updates.

Members have the ability to interact with each post through comments and ‘likes’, fostering a dynamic and interactive community space. Members will also soon have the ability to post their own updates, further driving engagement.

Think of this initial rollout as a “beta” phase where only you, as the app admin, can share content to a feed, but we’re actively working on enabling your members to post their own updates and questions directly within the app.

We envision Feeds fostering forum-like discussions within your app, as a perfect alternative to Facebook Groups or other community platforms.

We’re excited about the evolution of this feature, and can’t wait to see your communities come to life!

New feature: Push Notifications & Push Campaigns

With the recent release of iOS 16.4, Apple finally announced the ability for Progressive Web App's to send push notifications! We were beyond thrilled with the announcement, having closely followed the topic for years. Without hesitation, we rewrote our push notification code (since our existing provider wasn’t planning to support it 😞) to ensure we could offer this capability to our customers.

Upon release, regardless of whether your members are on Android or iOS, they can receive push notifications–provided they've granted permission. Importantly, push notifications on iOS can only be enabled from the downloaded app, but don’t worry, we will guide your members to take the required steps.

For those who haven't enabled push notifications, all notifications will be automatically redirected to their email.

Note: This capability will be enabled by default with the release later this week, so you do not need to action anything in the admin to ‘turn them on’.

Push Notifications are currently sent out for the following:

  • Event Reminders

  • New Messages

  • New Comments

  • Push Campaigns (New! Available on Pro plan only)

Push Campaigns

Additionally, we've introduced the capability for Pro plan customers to send Push Campaigns to their entire community. This feature allows you to instantly send updates or announcements to all of your members, such as the release of a new program, article or event.

Upon release, you will find Push Campaigns under the Campaigns tab within Engage on the lefthand sidebar.

New feature: Segments

Lastly, we have improved the level of insight around your members with our new Segments functionality! As you explore the new 'Engage' → 'Members' tab on the lefthand menu of the admin, you'll see your members are arranged into various segments that reflect their payment status and activity.

The following Segments have been included with this release:

  • All - All members in your app, regardless of their activity or subscription status.

  • Active - Members who have been active within the last 30 days.

  • Push Enabled - Members who have push notifications enabled.

  • Downloaded - Members who have downloaded your app.

  • Inactive - Members who have not been active within the last 30 days.


  • Active Subscription - Members who currently have an active subscription.

  • Have Purchased - Members have made a purchase at least once in your app.

  • Free - Members who have not made any purchases.

  • Canceled - Members who have canceled their subscription and have no currently active subscriptions.

Inspired by your feedback, we hope this new level of detail brings you increased clarity and efficiency in managing your business and memberships.

In-app Improvements For Your Members

New Sidebar navigation & Desktop layout improvements:

We've introduced a new sidebar navigation for both mobile and desktop, enabling your members to effortlessly navigate through various sections of your app. This addition allows you to include more items in your navigation, surpassing the previous limit of five tabs. While you'll still have a primary navigation (displayed as tabs across the bottom on mobile), this supplementary navigation option will appear as a hamburger menu on mobile devices and as a fully expanded sidebar on the left on desktop screens.

Additionally, based on your feedback, we’ve implemented an update to have your app navigation appear across every page by default. The exception is for a page with any type of interactivity at the bottom (e.g. workouts, programs with a ‘Start’ ‘Mark Complete’ action, etc.

New Domains

With the new brand we’ll be making updates and redirecting many of our domains, below is an overview of the domains that will be changing with the platform launch later this week

Marketing Site:


App Domains:

Importantly, both domains will continue work as normal and your app will appear the same on both URLs. You do not need to ask members to re-download your app. Any updates you make in the new admin will be reflected on both URLs.

For existing customers will be set as your default “primary domain”. However, if you prefer our new short domain, you may elect to update your primary domain to upon launch. This means that any link you copy from the admin will be on your shiny new domain ✨.

What stays the same?

Our mission, vision, values, team, and commitment to delivering the highest quality product, support, and brand remain unchanged. We simply have a renewed focus, with a name and brand that better align with our aspirations for growth and expansion into the future.

As we transition to Movement, we remain dedicated to providing the same great product, features, and support you've come to expect from us. The only thing changing is our name and look—and our renewed focus on aligning with your goals and aspirations.

Thank you for being part of this incredible journey. We're excited to move forward together as Movement and to continue supporting your growth, passion, and impact on the world.

Monica, Sam & Steve – The Founders of Movement (formerly Fitter)

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Ready to get started?

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